Corruption and reformThe latest Sport for Business Monthly Members’ Round Table events takes place this morning at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport.  We will be joined by top sports administrators, player representatives, betting companies, legal experts and Government officials to explore how the threat of corruption in sport is being handled around the world.

There will be a sharing of knowledge from three guests flying in from London and Brussels and we will carry a report for members afterwards on some of the themes to emerge in the course of the discussion.
The question of integrity is a complex one that cuts right to the heart of competitive sport.  Only yesterday it was in the headlines again as former world number one golfer Vijay Singh began legal proceedings against the PGA Tour for failing to show professionalism in investigating his own admission of taking what he believed might be a banned substance actually was.
An admission of guilt is rare in matters of integrity and would generally be accepted as such.  This latest twist even muddies those waters now and the potential financial corruption through international betting markets is an area where self regulation by sports governing bodies may soon no longer deemed sufficient enough by regulators at national and international level.
Events are moving fast and only yesterday the Olympic Council of New Zealand General Assembly heard a call from its representative on the IOC executive for national legislation to counter the threat of corruption.
Whether a template for such new laws will emerge and how that might fit with the more liberal legislation that applies to betting in Britain and Ireland will be on the agenda for discussion.
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