One of the key ways in which Sport for Business assists in bringing together the power of business with the passion of sport is through our popular Round Table series.
Each month we highlight a particular subject that is of topical and relevant importance within sport and society and gather a small but select group of smart minds to see what problems might be solved or solutions developed.
We are now pleased to launch the Autumn programme of Round Table events which will cover Sport and Alcohol, Workplace Fitness and Sports Tourism.
Sport and Alcohol, Wednesday September 3rd 

Sport and Alcohol Round Table 201412 months ago the Government published a report by the Oireachtas Committee on Transport and Communications which said that a ban on alcohol companies sponsorship of sport should not be implemented.  The question was however left open in terms of being referred to the Department of an Taoiseach.  Since that time responsibility has been the buzzword around alcohol sponsorship and money has continued to be invested.

Our September Round Table will invite members and guests from both sides of the debate to an open discussion on how better understanding of the issues can be brought about.

  • What is the real amount of alcohol related sponsorship in sport and elsewhere?
  • What is the evidence that a ban will address Ireland’s societal problem with alcohol?
  • What are the impacts on the relationship with alcohol of those who play and watch sport? 

Workplace Fitness – Wednesday, October 8th

Workplace Fitness Round Table 2014Wellness is an increasingly important part of business in terms of maintaining an active, healthy and productive workplace and how attractive it is seen as an employer.

There are many ways in which a company can improve the way in which it encourages and facilitates sport and fitness among its employees.

Our October round table will look at some of those options from around the world and at how sport can play an important role in the way a company sees itself and is seen by others.

  • What ways beyond a company gym are there to ensure a positive working environment?
  • Do Health Insurance Companies have a role to play and business to win from encouraging employee fitness?
  • Is Wellness a key factor in building relationships between sport and business?

Sport and Tourism – Wednesday, December 10th

Sport and Tourism Round TableLast November, Sport for Business hosted a Seminar on Sports tourism at Croke Park.  In May Ireland hosted the first European Sports Tourism Summit.  Sports Tourism is the fastest growing tourist segment and is one where Ireland is particularly well placed.

In our December Round Table we will look at some of the suggestions and initiatives put forward over the last 12 months and measure what substantive progress has been made on ensuring Ireland delivers on its potential.

  • How have we progressed on a Sports Event Bid framework?
  • What are the areas of collaboration between airlines, tour operators and event organisers that can be improved?
  • How have we progressed on a universal calendar of sports, cultural and business events that have mutual benefit in greater collaboration?