With the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony just around the corner, the longest cycle of Games preparation is about to come full circle.

That feeling of achievement is based on a massive amount of hard work and the same is true, if in less physically demanding a fashion, for the sponsors of the team and the athletes.

Indeed is the world’s largest jobs site with a major EMEA base here in Ireland and it is one of Team Ireland’s key commercial partners going into the Tokyo Games.

It is also our partner for coverage of the Olympic Games and has backed our content over the past eighteen months from speaking at events to supporting our series of interviews with Olympians and the team behind them that can be found via the links below.

Watch above or listen back to our interview with Indeed Global Marketing Director Conor Byrne on the benefit and the privilege of working alongside Team Ireland heading to #Tokyo2020 to ‘get the job done.’


Watch the video content that kicked off the relationship, based on the idea that “what starts out as one person’s dream, can become a nations greatest sporting memory.”

The hear from Conor Byrne on why the Olympic partnership fitted the bill:

“They were coming off a period which had been very uncomfortable for them but they had done a great job at repositioning themselves and there was a real alignment between our brand and our missions.”

“There was a lot of work determining what would work for them and what would work fur us and it all came together really well.”

On what it was like at the time of postponement and how the momentum was maintained:

“As a multinational business, we could see what was happening in different countries around the world and we knew that the coronavirus was going to have a huge impact in lots of different ways.”

“It was a very stressful time but we were able to look at how such an elite group of performance athletes coped with the stress and translate that into elements for our own staff and our own business.”

And so much more.

It is a fascinating look under the cover of how a partnership can grow stronger in adversity and is well worth 15 minutes of your day.


Watch back the videos here.


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