Sport for Business and Liberty Insurance are pleased to announce the seventh annual list of Women of Influence in Irish Sport.

From today we are calling for nominations from across the spectrum of sporting adminstration, sports marketing and advocacy to compile a list of 50 Women who are making a difference in irish sport in 2019.

Who do you think should be included in our list?

This year we will also publish a second list of those who are bubbling under that 50 and likely to make their own mark in years to come.

We started this list back in 2013 in response to a suggestion that we would never find enough women with real influence in sport in Ireland to fill it.

Since then the list has expanded from 30 to 50 and comes nowehere near being big enough to fully recognise the talent that exists within Irish sport from the female half of the population.

In recent years the pace of acceptance of equality has accelerated. The 20X20 initiative has gained major traction and the broadcast of the Women’s World Cup in full and free to air this summer was a bellweather mark not only of the genuine quality of Women’s sport but of the demand there is to show it and talk about it.

There is still a long way to go before Men’s and Women’s sport are treated as equally as the genders are in the workplace or in most other areas of life but there are more and more people willing to stand up and do something themselves to make sure that happens.

This list shines a light on the Women who are making gender irrelevant when it comes to being the best person to do a particular job.

There have been some who have held their place on the list throughout the past six years but every year there are others who come to our attention and are included.

Liberty Insurance have been our partners throughout. They broke new ground in 2013 when coming on board as sponsors of the All Ireland Hurling and Camogie Championships and throughout their promotion of strong female role models in sport.

We are proud to count on their support again as we look to build this year’s list.

The criteria for inclusion are that the person should be working in sport or in an area where sport is promoted. Their influence does not need to be only in the realm of Woen’s sport but in the wider context of Irish sport.

They will come from sport, from business, from the media and other areas. Mostly though they will come from your suggestions.

Last year we recieved nominations for more than 150 potential candidates. This year we already know of as many women that are in the mix but we want to hear from you as to why they should be on the list.

As with last year we will publish the list in a book to be launched at our Annual Women in Sport Conference at RTÉ in November. We will start publication of the list on Monday, September 9th and will work this year with a nominations group to get as wide a sense of who the best people are to include.

We will keep the nomination process open throughout but we would ask that if you work with someone you think should be included, or if you have seen their influence from afar, that you let us know so that they can be included on a long list.

eMail us today with your nomination quoting Women in Sport 2019 in the subject line.

Image credit: Bryan Keane,