Rugby Players Ireland has released two new videos with Eimear and Ailish Considine for the Tackle Your Feelings Schools Campaign, supported by Zurich and the Z Zurich Foundation.

Ailish, an AFLW player for Adelaide Crows and the newest Tackle Your Feelings ambassador, joins her sister, current Ireland rugby international and TYF ambassador, Eimear, in two new videos to discuss the advice they wish they could give their younger selves, the importance of being kind to yourself in the age of social media and what they have learned from each other.

The Tackle Your Feelings Schools Programme is a classroom-based, teacher-led, life skills development programme which enables students to build healthy habits and personal coping strategies as well as kindness and understanding when it comes to mental health and wellbeing.

The content for the app-based programme, is developed using positive and sports psychology principles and is supported with comprehensive lesson plans for teachers, whilst students can easily access the content whilst in school or at home. The 2021/22 programme includes an 8-lesson schedule, covering awareness, emotions, wellbeing characteristics and self-care.



Since its launch in 2016, TYF has impacted the lives of people all over the world, with campaign content being viewed in excess of 23 million times.

In these two new videos, Ailish reveals how when they were growing up and during their time at school, she felt intimidated by Eimear’s athletic ability and how this negatively impacted her confidence both on and off the pitch.

Eimear and Ailish also discuss how Ailish’s ability to pick herself up after a setback is what made her the successful athlete and person she is today.



“I’m really proud to once again be taking part in the Tackle Your Feelings campaign, made all the more exciting by teaming up with Ailish,” said her older sister.

“Ailish has taught me so much over the years and I hope others can take away some important learnings from our discussion and the campaign, which has helped so many people already, myself included.”

“One thing I have learned over the years is the importance of speaking to others about what you’re going through, particularly when it comes to your mental wellbeing,” added Ailish.

“Eimear has always been a fantastic support to me in this regard and I hope these videos can serve as a reminder to others that your friends and family are always there to reach out to.”

“While we may be aware that mental wellbeing struggles are common, it is great to hear Eimear and Ailish speak so openly about their experiences and relationship growing up,” said Anthony Brennan, CEO of Zurich Ireland.

“As two incredible athletes, they have demonstrated fantastic strength and determination to get to where they are now, but it is important to see that this was not without its struggles. Our hope is that the Tackle Your Feelings app gives individuals the resources to help themselves proactively work on their mental wellbeing.”


Sport for Business Perspective

Bringing strong role models to a young audience, in a space where they clearly have experience from their own youth, is a really powerful way of getting a message across and making it stick.  Doing it in person is clearly the most effective but creating on-demand content such as this can reach out to a wider audience.




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