The inaugural Cycling Ireland eRacing National Championships will take place on Saturday, 15th January.

We live in a world where virtual and real are blending and this will be an interesting experiment with ten male and ten female competitors taking part on KICKR Smart Turbomachines side by side. It promises to be like the liveliest and most competitive spin class you could ever imagine.

The venue has yet to be confirmed but the Championship will be live-streamed.

The finalists will be selected from the best performers in a qualification event to be held online on December 18th who also meet a number of criteria including membership of Cycling Ireland, a public Strava profile and dual power recording.

That event will be over one lap of the Watopia Figure 8 course, a total distance of 29.8 kilometres.

The finalists will then race side by side race using the full Wahoo ecosystem including a KICKR Smart Turbo Trainer, KICKR Climb and KICK Headwind.

Cycling Ireland virtual races and training activities have proven popular over the past 18-months with Cycling Ireland hosting the largest sporting event during the early stages of Covid-19 restrictions in the summer of 2019 when 1,900 people took part from their own homes.

At its peak, a single round of the Cycling Ireland Zwift Series achieved over 35,000 live stream views.

In 2021, over 21,000 people have participated in a Cycling Ireland organised eRace or mid-week structured workout on the Zwift cycling platform.


Sport for Business Perspective

Cycling has always been attractive to those willing to invest in high end bikes, gear and equipment.
Bringing that enthusiasm into a willing world of virtual competition was always a natural and taking it into the hybrid mix that this Championship represents offers the best of both worlds.



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