It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas as the song goes. With Taylor Swift joining Bing Crosby as staples on the playlist it was inevitable that sport would move towards creating content specific to the festive season.

We are not talking about the Christmas singles of premier football clubs. We still have memories deeply embedded of Kevin Keegan being Head Over Heels when we were all a bit younger.

It’s the world of video content we are turning to. Last year the big John Lewis Christmas ad was following Elton John or an actor that looked like him as a child, through his career having been given his first piano.

Sports stars are younger and were more digitally captured as kids so British Cycling had actual footage when they sought to evoke dreams of the future from presents of the present in today’s Daily Video.

Do let us know if you’ve seen any good Christmas content from around the world and we will share it here next week.

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