Nike has been getting great credit, including here for their Dream Crazy campaign but they have to sell merchandise in order to afford to engage in such strong social campaigns as well.

Sometimes brands may fall down a little from the lofty goals of social inclusion and awareness they set themselves when it comes to the harder commercial reality of persuading Life Style Sports or Elverys Intersport to stock their brand over others.

At other times though they do follow through and a big part of making Women in Sport a normal fact of life is the use of stars from both genders in high-end campaigns.

Over the last seven days, Nike has released two videos highlighting the power that their new range of boots delivers. One featuring Christiano Ronaldo of Real Madrid and Portugal, one featuring Alex Morgan of Orlando Pride and the US Women’s National Team.

It makes good sense, Morgan has 3.65 million followers on social media. The fact that it is now normal though for Nike to do that dual release is a testament to the work that has gone into promoting the game as being one for all.