The Unions of the Six Nations will gather at the Guinness Storehouse today for a Digital Discovery Conference preparing the ground for the 2020 edition of the Guinness Six  Nations.

Speakers from Facebook and Diageo will be joined by others from the wider world of sport including from Wimbledon and the Open Championship to share best practice across the digital environment and its position with regard to major sporting events.

Guinness will preview some of the activation activity they will be implementing when next year’s Championship, their second as title sponsor, gets underway on Saturday, February 1st.

Francois Grenet, the CEO of Feeling Sports will round out the day’s conversations talking about the latest iteration of the Guinness Six Nations Fantasy game and how that will be used again in 2020 to heighten levels of fan engagement.

Sport for Business will be present in the Storehouse for today’s event and will bring you a selection of highlights in a report tomorrow morning.