Not every sporting sponsorship has to be worth a six or seven figure sum and sometimes it can be relatively straightforward to tap into the passion of a commited audience.
Rugby League may be a minority sport in Ireland but it has secured a sponsorship from Easytrip, the electronic road toll and parking provider, who have come on board to support the sport’s new under 16s programme.
The programme has been established by the League to improve the standard of the game and refine the players route to progression in Ireland.
Rugby League Ireland (RLI) is the internationally recognised governing body for the development of rugby league football in Ireland, having secured official recognition from the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) in 2000.
It is recognized within the Irish Sports Council and took over the running of the international team entirely in 2008 for the World Cup.
“We are delighted to be partnering with Rugby League Ireland to provide support for their new programme and to help them grow the game in Ireland,” said Colin Delaney, CEO of easytrip.
“The under 16s are the next generation of players and are showing great dedication and huge potential in the game following their recent win against Scotland. Our team at easytrip are fully behind them and we look forward to seeing the players progress on their journey to the European Championships next year.”
“We are really excited to have easytrip on board as a main sponsor to raise the profile of the game here,” added Will Hayes from Rugby League Ireland.
“This partnership will help us to not only improve our training but to re-define the game from the grassroots level up.”

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