Irish Hockey is hoping to recover whatever costs it can from Friday’s last-minute cancellation of the Irish Women’s Squad trip to Malaysia.

The 19-day tour had only been confirmed less than 24 hours earlier but new restrictions relating to Covid-19 and the need for an extra quarantine period meant that the scheduled camp and matches against Great Britain would not be feasible.

“Over the past two weeks, Hockey Ireland and their key stakeholders have been working tirelessly to provide the opportunity to travel to Malaysia for heat and humidity training and competition,” read a statement from the governing body.

“Having constantly monitored the situation throughout this period, due to changing conditions in the past 24 hours, the difficult decision has been taken not to travel.”

The cost associated with such a long haul trip for a travelling squad of 24 would be significant. The terms and conditions of booking will often be different depending on whether flights are cancelled due to the new restrictions or whether this was a decision taken by the sporting body.

“We will look to recoup what costs we can,” Hockey Ireland Marketing Manager Emma Porter told us on Friday.

The trip had been arranged following the postponement of a similar acclimatisation trip to Japan ahead of the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

“At this point in our build-up to Europeans and the Olympics, the health and wellbeing of our staff and players is paramount,” said Head Coach Sean Dancer.

“Weighing up the potential performance benefit of heat and humidity versus the uncertainties we live with at this time globally, particularly with travel and quarantine periods, has been incredibly difficult.”

“I am confident we can control our build up well in Ireland to put the team in the best position to compete this summer.”


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