This week the Irish men’s cricket team will take to the field in a biosecure location in Southampton to face England in the first of a new series of One Day Internationals forming part of the qualification process for the next Cricket World Cup.

We were joined in the virtual Sport for Business studio by Warren Deutrom, CEO of Cricket Ireland to discuss the importance of this game but also the journey that Cricket Ireland has travelled over recent years.

A brand new commercial partnership which we announced last week has given a sense of the scope for cricket here to reach out on the global stage on a scale that very few other sports can even dream of.

Massive global TV audiences are the standard and Ireland are one of only twelve countries to be playing at the highest level.

It is possible that Kevin O’Brien would be recognised by more people in the world than any other Irish sporting star, regardless of their code or the esteem in which they are held on a local basis.

It is a good insight into how the sport has positioned itself locally as well as globally and worth a look to get a sense of just how much work has gone into getting to this point as well as what the years ahead may deliver.