There are a host of sporting stories that sometimes get lost in the swirl of the biggest events and one we have had brought to our attention is a bid by Irish Extreme Swimmer Ger Kennedy to be crowned as World Open Swimmer of the Year.

Kennedy is an ice swimmer based in Dublin and the only man in the world to complete the Ice Sevens Challenge of Seven Ice Miles in Ireland, Norway, Siberia, Morocco, USA, and Australia.

That challenge that culminated in a 2,800-meter high altitude lake in Chile.

It is not a sport where participation levels are ever going to rise above the very, very committed but having an Irish swimmer in the top rank of those around the world is worth noting.

If you have a moment to vote you can do so here.

If you have a little longer his story is worth a listen on Joanne Murphy’s Tri Talking Sport podcast from earlier this month right here.

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Image Credit: Siobhan Russell