God knows we need something to inspire us.

The challenges heaped upon us by Covid-19 and the battle to contain it have tested all of us in a personal and a professional fashion but we will come through.

How we do so will be defined by how we have faced the challenge, how we have treated others from the smallest and most personal level to the largest most corporate.

It will also be determined by what we have learned and on November 3rd there is an opportunity to learn as much in two hours as would often take years.

In times when strong leadership, resilience and a will to succeed is needed more than ever, The Leaders Lounge will bring together invaluable insights and skills through the philosophies and experiences in sport and business of Fiona Coghlan, Jim Gavin, Lisa Fallon, Paul McGinley and Stuart Lancaster.

They have been there, learned at the highest level of sport and are now coming together to share what they learned.

There is no magic bullet but this session will give you pause for thought, it will raise your spirits and it might just bring you closer to unlocking your potential.

Sport for Business is proud to be a partner of Leaders Lounge.

We look forward to having you join us on November 3rd.