Limerick is to become the first northern hemisphere city to host the Tag Rugby World Cup in August 2021.

A joint bid led by the University of Limerick Conference and Sports Campus and the Irish Tag Rugby Association,  supported by Shannon Region Conference and Sports Bureau, Failté Ireland and Limerick City and County Council was successful in winning the event for Limerick.

The tournament will see over 3,000 tag rugby players from well over 20 countries and their entourages travel to the Treaty City in August 2021.

The event is expected to deliver a minimum €5m boost for the Limerick economy and 20,000 bed nights. It is held across four days but, with many participants travelling from the Southern Hemisphere, teams are expected to travel to Ireland for up to three weeks in advance of the competition.

The three previous International Tag Federation World Cups were held in New Zealand (2012) and Australia (2015,2018) but organisers decided to take the next edition to the northern hemisphere and have been won over by the Limerick bid.

Sport for Business wrote a letter of support as part of the bid documentation after an approach from our Members UL.  It is exciting to see such a tournament coming to Ireland with all the benefits for sport, physical activity and the general economy of Limerick

To host a Women’s Rugby World Cup and a Tag Rugby World Cup enhances our reputation as a global player in the hosting of major sports events.

“The Irish Tag Rugby Association are delighted to be chosen as the host nation for the 2021 Tag World Cup,” said Simon Bewley, CEO of the Irish Tag Rugby Association

“As the founders on Tag in Ireland, we are celebrating 20 years of running national and international Tag events. We look forward to partnering with the University of Limerick and the ITF to host and run the biggest and most exciting International Tag event in Europe.”

“Today’s announcement that Limerick has been successful in their bid to host the 2021 Tag Rugby World Cup is good news for Limerick, good news for tourism and good news for sport,” said Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport last night.

“I would like to congratulate all involved on this successful bid, which highlights both the value of collaboration towards a common goal and also the harmony between sport and tourism.”

“Limerick’s hosting of the 2021 Tag Rugby World Cup will have manifold benefits locally and nationally,” added Minister of State for Tourism and Sport Brendan Griffin.

“For the visiting international tag-rugby players, this tournament will provide a great opportunity to introduce a new audience to the huge range of wonderful tourism experiences and attractions available in Limerick and further afield.”

Irish spectators will have a unique chance to see world-class athletes in action, and indeed might be inspired to take up tag-rugby or a similar sport and get active. I am pleased to note that Fáilte Ireland provided both financial and practical supports that enhanced the bid for Limerick to host the 2021 Tag Rugby World Cup. This major event is expected to attract 1,600-3,500 international participants to the region and will be worth an estimated €5million to the local economy.”