We caught up with Neal Cummins, Head of Communications at Sky Ireland to talk about the origins, the initial success and the future plans for Sky Ireland’s partnership with the Republic of Ireland Women’s National Team.


On backing for the partnership from the top


“Our CEO JD Buckley and our Chief Commercial Officer Orlaith Ryan are both really passionate about Women’s sport and huge admirers of the 20×20 initiative and what it set out to achieve and what it did achieve.”


On what can be achieved

“A good partnership is one where you can have a positive impact and one which aligns with your own organisations core values and beliefs.”


On managing the partnership


“We very much have autonomy with this.  We have 1,000 employees here in Ireland and every one of them really feels a part of this partnership.”


On more than broadcasting


“It’s not just about the broadcasting of Women’s football.  There is a huge amount going into advertising and promotion, showcasing the calibre of the performances.”


On what might be coming next


“There’s a hell of a lot in the pipeline.  I Can’t say very much at the moment but these players have remarkable individual stories and giving those stories the attention they deserve is something we are very keen to do.”




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