The sixth annual edition of the PwC Sports Survey has been published and central to it is the arduous journey of sports organisations’ crisis recovery.

Drawing on the views of nearly 800 sports industry leaders from around the world, including Rob Hartnett from Sport for Business and others across the Irish sporting landscape, the findings demonstrate that a host of internal and external forces continue to profoundly impact the sector as it seeks a more sustainable future.

This year’s edition covers the growths expectations and key market forces that are expected to transform the sports sector over the next three to five years.

It features three detailed chapters on societal and financial sustainability, major governance reforms of sports organisations as well as reshaping of commercial models.

It gives insight into some of the key areas that will shape the way in which sport is delivered in the years to come and to new audiences, through gaming, streaming and more.

Over the coming days, we will share these with the Sport for Business audience, helping to raise the level of understanding about what is happening in sport around the world, and making it relevant to our local circumstances.

After we navigate the different areas of interest we will host a Sport for Business Members Check-in event where we can discuss the findings as a group and hear from the report’s author David Dellea as to what he found most interesting and what the reaction to the report has been.


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