Early morning trips to the gym are a staple of the physical and mental wellbeing regimes of many of these days.

In the last Sport Ireland Sports Monitor taken before Covid turned the world upside down 16 per cent of the population were taking part in personal or group exercise at the gym. That is twice as many as were swimming on a regular basis and over five times the number that were playing in a team sport.

The main area of competition in this environment is competing against your own previous best but that in itself is a powerful motivator.

In April of this year for the first time, the National Fitness Games are coming to Dublin and Sport for Business is involved in staging a first-ever Corporate event enabling companies to come together and test their own levels of fitness.

NFG FitGames is a test of power, endurance, speed and strength and is open to all levels of Functional Fitness from Novice (NOVO) to Intermediate (OPEN) and Elite.

Dublin has been selected as the first destination outside of the UK for NFG, which has established a strong footprint in Britain since being founded by former Rugby international Kenny Logan and Mark Hartnett-Morgan in 2018.

The organisers have teamed up here with Titan Experience and Navy Blue Sports and the first event will take place in University College Dublin from April 22nd to 24th 2022.

Friday will see the inaugural NFG Corporate FitGames take place where up to 50 companies from around the country will compete against each other to be crowned FitGames Champions.

Sport for Business will be there on the day with a lounge area for recovery and casual networking, and we are looking forward to seeing who will emerge on top.

We will also carry features on how companies from across our network are taking part over the weekend and preparing in the lead up to the games.

Entrants can come from multiple teams within the same organisation or a small team of four to carry the flag.

It promises to be something that will bring teams back together in a way that is meaningful to them and which bonds them to the organisation.

At a time when we are finding the best way to do just that this could be a real winner.

Get in touch below and let’s see if it is something that you could be a part of.