Sport for Business latest event in our Smart Minds series of Round Table discussions takes place this morning on the question of Reputation Management.
It is a topic that has been front and centre stage of Irish sport in recent months and on numerous very high profile occasions over the last number of years.
We are hosted this morning by the Sports Group at William Fry and have drawn together a strong group from leading sporting organisations, agencies and a number of those who have played their part in protecting the reputation of a number of key players.
The discussion will take place under Chatham House rules giving us the freedom to talk openly and look to share some of the practices and experiences that can help in the case of similar situations that might arise in the future.
Sport for Business is all about bringing smart minds together to look at issues that can be resolved or improved through a sharing of knowledge.
Our next event in the Smart Minds series will be an extended breakfast discussion on Governance in Sport. Save the date for now of Friday morning, June 7th and we will reveal more details of this tomorrow.