The restriction on young players taking part in indoor sport has been lifted with fresh advice expected today advising sporting bodies such as Basketball Ireland about the change.

Games across the country had to be cancelled at short notice last weekend when sports were advised that in line with Government advice nobody could play indoor matches unless they were full vaccinated or with a recovery certificate.

Players U18 cannot be asked for their vaccination status, the same ruling applies in schools, and so the two regulations created a barrier to the games going ahead.

Coaches took to the airwaves to point out the self defeating clash and Minister of State for Sport Jack Chambers tweeted this morning that a solution was in sight.

So school and underage club games can now go ahead.

A sound solution found before a second weekend was lost.

So often in Irish public life, the first reaction is to say how stupid something is and then to cast around for who is to blame.

Isn’t it so much better to instead recognise that maybe there was no intention to harm, and to work instead on finding a solution?



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