24 Hours after we launched the search for 30 Under 30 who will be among the next generation of Ireland’s sporting leaders we have been bowled over by the quality and quantity of nominations.

Already we are sifting through suggestions from the worlds of Gaelic Games, Rugby, Soccer, High performance, Golf, agencies involved in sports marketing, brands involved in sponsorship and some of the technical areas of sports performance.

We will start to publish our list of 30 next week but until then make sure you keep coming with ideas of the people who you feel should be given a nod of recognition within your sector.

Sport for Business has begun the search for 30 individuals working within or around the business of sport in Ireland who have shown evidence of leadership potential and could become the next generation of leaders within this sector.

We have always believed in the power of youth to effect change, and in the benefit of mentoring to develop potential.

Today we begin an exciting adventure to put that into practice but we need your help to find those who could fit the bill.

The criteria for submission is that the person should be working within the sports industry, or in a sponsorship or agency capacity that is bringing sport to life, and that they should be born in or after 1988.

We will identify those individuals over the coming weeks and provide a platform for them to share their thoughts on how Sport in Ireland can continue to develop.

We will build a programme of support based around the creation of a network of young leaders that could be of benefit to them throughout their working lives, and to our industry as a whole.

This is not the time to be shy, this is an opportunity to put forward those you have come across that have struck you as having real potential, or indeed for you to put yourself forward.

It’s not about where you are now.  It’s all about where you could get to with the right breaks.

The nomination process is simple. A name and a few lines on why you or they could be one of our 30 Under 30 for 2018.

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Ask us today for a bespoke quote on Sport for Business membership for your organisation and let’s see what we can do together with these great organisations

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