Each week we bring you a taste of what is happening around the commercial world of esports. We will focus on advances in the Irish sector when there are some, as well as on some of the commercial deals which are taking place and fuelling the rapid growth of this area within the world of sport.


Red Bull Campus Clutch, the world’s biggest global VALORANT tournament for university students is officially open for entries with Irish qualifiers taking place on 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th of March.

The competition challenges student gamers of all levels across Ireland to prove their skills, teaming up to compete on the world stage.

To enter the exciting global event, students must rally up their team of five and register to compete across three phases: The Qualifiers, National Finals and World Final.

Successful teams will advance to the National Finals in May where the best student VALORANT team in the country will advance to the World Final which takes place from 18th to 20th June, where only the very best will face off to take home the ultimate glory.

The stakes are high as national finalists will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to compete on a global stage, and battle the best student VALORANT players in the world, and on top of that win a cutting-edge gaming hub for their university.

At the World Final, teams will face off for €20,000, and an exclusive chance to see the biggest stars in VALORANT compete at the VALORANT Masters, the official stage of the Champions Tour esports structure.

As the esports industry continues to thrive, university esports ensures the ecosystem remains sustainable and provides a much-needed path for new talent.

Red Bull Campus Clutch is a new grassroots event that aims to take university esports to the next level by creating a global structure, inviting students to not only represent their campus, but their country, and pave the way for the next generation of esports pro players.






Head and Shoulders, the haircare brand from Procter and Gamble has signed up a number of gaming players to front a major new campaign running throughout the month of February.

There will be social media promotion, live sessions and one-to-one chats with emerging and established content creators including Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf.






The NFL moved its 2021 Pro Bowl, an exhibition game featuring players from teams not competing in the annual Super Bowl and held last weekend, to a virtual gaming event this year.

Original plans to stage the game in Las Vegas have been shelved due to the Covid-19 pandemic and instead transitioned to “a week-long series of matchups featuring celebrities, NFL Legends, current players, and streamers playing as the official Pro Bowl rosters in Madden NFL 21.”

The voting on who should play was a combination of public vote and that of players and coaches.

The game was played on the dominant ‘Madden’ game that is run by the NFL and Electonic Arts.

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