Sport for Business Hi-Res logoSport for Business will deliver a range of new services and opportunities linking sport and business throughout 2014.

There will be a greater focus on key areas of crossover between the two sides and new weekly features as part of the Daily News Digest:

Monday: The Business of Youth Sport and Education

Tuesday: Technology

Wednesday: Grassroots and Clubs

Thursday: Leadership

Friday: Sports Tourism

We will be forming special groups from within the membership to bring forward innovative ways in which business can help sport to help society make the most of the power that sport can bring.

We will continue our monthly programme of Round Table events and will launch the programme for the first half of the year on Wednesday, 8th January.

We will continue to work to bring people together in environments that are great for business and personal networking.  The first two keynote events of the year take place this Thursday, January 9th with the Business of Sports Science as part of the 50th Anniversary of the BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition and on Thursday, February 20th when we are part of the Irish Sponsorship Summit at Croke Park.

The New Year is always a time for optimism and looking forward.  We hope that you will see opportunity for yourself and your business and sport in what we are bringing to life over the next 12 months.

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