Sport for Business is pleased today to launch the first in a new series of Podcasts.

The Leadership Series will deliver one-to-one conversations with some of the key leaders in the commercial world of Irish sport and beyond and this morning we get things underway with a first detailed conversation with the CEO of Sport Ireland, Dr Una May.

Following her appointment to the role, we find out more about who she is as a person, how her career in sport has developed, what her hopes and plans for the future of the organisation are, and about the lampshade she won as a prize in her first competitive race in County Kerry as a sporty twelve-year-old.

We hope you enjoy listening in to the conversation with Rob Hartnett, recorded live at the Sport Ireland Campus and that you will join us for more over the coming months as we dive into the podcasting world with upcoming feature series on the Business of Golf, the Business of Horse Racing, the Business of Rugby, The Sporting Irish Abroad, The Business of Football and more.

The Sport for Business podcasts will be available wherever you get your podcasts over time but for now, here is an advance opportunity to listen in to the first episode and to learn more about the world of Sport Ireland and its CEO.



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