In today’s Podcast we are focusing in on the world of Sport for Social Good,

This series is in partnership with our good friends at Allianz. For years they have been supporting the Paralympic and Olympic movements here in Ireland as well as Gaelic Games, Cumman na mBunscoil, and memorably over the last two year’s, Women’s Aid.

They use the very best of sport to highlight ways in which we can be the very best of people and it’s a powerful force for good.

Our guest this morning is a powerful force for good in his own right. Peter Ryan was a promising Tipperary hurler when he started to lose his sight at the age of 19. As we will hear it turned his world upside down but he reimagined himself and became a Paralympian cyclist at the Rio Paralympic Games.

Covid scuppered the chance of a follow-up in Tokyo but Peter Ryan is not a man to slip away quietly.

On October 8th he will set off on a run from Malin Head to Mizen Head, taking five days and culminating on World Sight Day, October 12th.

His longest stretch will be a day when he runs the equivalent of three marathons, and a bit, as he stresses.

He is raising money for a Vision Bus, the first of its kind in Ireland for the NCBI and he will be speaking at our Sport for Social Good Conference in Dublin on October 5th.

You can donate at or just find out more about his ambitious project.