Sport Ireland has announced that it is to create and fund an Irish team to play Fortnite at the 2020 Olympic Games.
The team will be unveiled later today, April 1st, at a special ceremony on the National Sports Campus.
This will eventually be the location for a major new eGaming venue, expected to seat 2020 spectators and with all the very latest in gaming technology from haptic suits to specially designed gaming environments.
“eSports are coming to the Olympic Games and we want Ireland to be a major player,” said Amadán Aibreáin, a spokesperson for Sport Ireland.
“High-performance sport comes in many forms, and we want to give Irish games every opportunity to represent us at the pinnacle of their chosen sport.”
“We will use the facilities of the Sport Ireland Institute of Sport to develop world-class ‘fast twitch’ training simulators that will give our international team a real edge when it comes to battles around Tilted Towers and whatever other games are selected to be part of the Olympic programme.”
Croke Park hosted a major international Festival of Fortnite in February this year, attracting 1000’s of local fans of the game.
Players as young as eight years old were able to sign up to see if they had what it takes to wear the green jersey for Ireland and perfect their moves backed by coaching, support staff and facilities at the National Sports Campus.
“Sport is continually developing,” continued Aibreáin. “Our investment and commitment to it is a statement of our belief that it has a long term place on the Irish sporting agenda and will certainly be more than a one day wonder.”
Or maybe this was just a little bit of fun for April Fools Day…