The final figure for the latest round of Sports Capital Grants has come to €37 million, spread out across 994 different projects in every county of the country.

Tomorrow we will look in detail at the geographical spread of where the money is to be invested but for today we are turning our analysis towards the sports that have emerged as the clearest winners.

In total, 37 different sporting activities were included among those who have benefitted with GAA clubs clearly out in front.

Analysis conducted by our partners in 2Into3 reveals that 13 individual sports, as well as a catch-all multi-sport category and the Community Games movement all received a figure of more than €100,000.

Gaelic Games

The Gaelic Games total of €16,114,532 is spread across a total of 406 different projects and touches on every county.

Clubs technically under the banner of the GAA will have benefitted from being able to reference combining with the Ladies Gaelic Football Association and the Camogie Association on a significant number of projects where pitch and facility upgrades can be used by all the codes.

Those who feel that Dublin GAA is at a significant financial advantage will roll their eyes at the fact that 16 Dublin GAA clubs have shared in a windfall of €1,260,627 across a number of projects ranging from dressing rooms to halls, pitch resurfacing to floodlights.

They might think twice though when compared to the success of Cork GAA clubs, of whom a princely total of 38 clubs are in receipt of funding totalling €1,724,486.

The role of the GAA in terms of being the primary club in som many individual communities is an undoubted benefit when it comes to the application for funding which is based on criteria of county by county as opposed to sport.

Local Authorities

The provision of multi-sport facilities has long been put forward as the most effective way of investing in sporting facilities that will result in the greatest number and diversity of people becoming physically active.

It is heartening then that such facilities will benefit from a total investment of €7,296,297 with local authorities very much to the fore in promoting these projects.

In Dublin City Council eight individual multi-sport projects have been funded while south Dublin adds a further seven, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown another three and Fingal County Council one.

These projects cover halls and centres as well as pitches and tracks, all of them with an opportunity to put on different sports and all of them in public ownership as well.

The total amount going towards those local authority projects in Dublin is €1,262,162.

Galway and Sligo were the only other County administrations to get funding for more than one or two projects while a number including Meath, Limerick and Wexford did not get any project funding.

This has the potential to be an issue to address in the next round.

We will look in greater detail at the geographical issues on Wednesday and at the types of projects funded on Thursday morning of this week.

Other Sports

In terms of the other sports to have done well, Football came in second of the individual sports with €4,337,657 followed by Golf on €2,491,389; Tennis on €1,805,089 and Rugby on €1,780,840.

Here is a rundown of the individual sports that gained grants of more than €100,000

Golf has secured funding for 48 projects across 22 counties and each of the four provinces.  That suggests a very determined approach from the Confederation of Golf in Ireland who were well represented at each of last year’s Sport for Business and 2Into3 roadshows.

The Tennis drawdown will be spread across 39 different projects while rugby will go to 32 projects, seven of which in Dublin will share €657,570 between them.

Coming Up:

Thursday: Breaking down the Grants by Type and Region
Friday: What to look for next in terms of Capital Funding


Sport for Business working with our friends and partners in 2Into3 will be hosting a series of Masterclasses around the country early in the new year where we will be able to share the success of clubs that have won and point to the ways in which applications can be made in order to give your club the best possible chance.

These were a great success at the end of last year and we look forward to hitting the road again in 2020.

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