Arsenal fans around the world will have the opportunity to compare their athletic performance with the men’s and women’s senior team players as part of a new initiative with Newry based STATSports.

The launch of STATSports Arsenal FC Edition means aspiring players can now use the exact same technology as their footballing heroes, giving them the opportunity to compare their performance data with our stars, from the academy level to the first teams.

The groundbreaking partnership, which sees STATSports become the official GPS Performance Tracker of Arsenal, will also enable the club to access performance data from aspiring players from all levels of the game, helping track the next generation of talent.

Data can be captured from every session including distances covered, maximum speeds, intensity and fatigue levels.

Aspiring players will be able to review their own data against the data from players at all levels of the club to help them understand where they need to improve.

“We’re really excited by this partnership,” said Academy Manager Per Mertesacker speaking to “STATSports have played a key role in developing the physical performance of our players for more than a decade.”

“We take great pride in the development of all our players. The ability to monitor the physical capabilities of players from a young age is crucial to their continued progress to become a strong young gunner.”

“Year on year players’ physical outputs are increasing, they are running further, faster and are more efficient movers than ever before so it is important that the club are able to develop players capable of withstanding the needs of the modern game.”

“We’re delighted to be able to bring this innovation to the market, and as a long-standing client, we’re thrilled that Arsenal are the first to develop this revolutionary concept with us,” added STATSports Co-Founder Sean O’Connor.

“It’s important to note that some of the club’s brightest talents have used our technology since their early days at the academy.”

“It is as essential as shinguards and boots in today’s game and now young, aspiring players everywhere can benefit from this technology and support in a player’s journey to become a professional footballer.”

“The potential for the STATSports Arsenal FC Edition is massive and we firmly believe that we can unearth talent that would previously have gone unnoticed.”

Prices for the product have not yet been released but this is a story we will be following with interest.


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