Super Bowl XIV which took place last week in Miami has established a new benchmark for the use of mobile data at a single event.
The attendance at the Hard Rock Stadium was just over 62,000, down 8,000 on last year’s game but over 43,000 individual devices were logged onto the 5G Network to send messages or keep up to date on statistics.
They produces 26.42 Terabytes of data, a ten per cent increase on last year and five per cent more than the record previously held by Penn State with over 100,000 in the ground for their College Football Game against Michigan last October.
Faster speeds and a better experience led to an average data download per customer of 595.6 megabytes and that was a part of this being a 20 per cent increase on the 2019 Final.
The biggest concurrent use was by 24,837 in the pre-game period.  11 terabytes were used pre-game with 15 terabytes being used throughout the full game.
Image Credit: Billy Stickland,