We were joined this morning by Susan Spence, the co-founder of SoftCo who yesterday extended their successful partnership with the Irish Women’s Hockey team to the men’s side.

Equal financial support, equal investment of activation, equality in sporting sponsorship.

It’s an instructive listen for anyone in the sponsorship game

Watch or listen back to the interview above in full or check out some of the highlights below:

01:20 Where it began – “Look we’re going to the World Cup and we’ll be the only team there without a sponsor, can you help?”

02:30 Making it work – “A lot of the things we do are not necessarily done from a business sense.  We want to support communities and tell those stories to our customers around the world.  It’s about what we can do to contribute to the team and the sport.”

04:20 Getting Involved – “We got involved with the team in charity challenges and was great fun for our own people which was especially important over the past two years.”

05:40: Can the Men live up to the Women’s high standard of engagement? “They’ve a tough act to follow but yes, they are a great bunch of guys.”

07:25: How did the idea come about to go in with the men and the women on an equal basis? – “We were looking at some pictures over the summer and it was very obvious that the Men’s team didn’t have a sponsor.  It just didn’t look right so we started the conversation.”


Sport for Business Perspective

SoftCo’s original involvement came about as a result of a pitchside conversation. It has grown into one of the most effective partnerships in Irish sport and we are already looking forward to following how the expanded partnership is brought to life.


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