Sport for Business is delighted to partner with this year’s Talent Summit, being delivered virtually from the studios at the National Convention Centre in Dublin on March 3rd.

Organised as ever by Sigmar Recruitment this event has become one of the most successful and inspiring on the calendar and this year has an added element of sporting leadership to go alongside the world-class line up of speakers.

Daragh Sheridan, manager of High-Performance Sport New Zealand will be joined from the other side of the world by Billy Walsh, Head Coach of USA Boxing to look at Coaching Self-Directed Work.

Both built their careers and reputations here in Ireland before striking out onto the global stage and it will be a pleasure to hear where their journeys have taken them.

If you have ever listened to Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, speaking about the values that underpin the development of the company you will climb a mountain or two to hear from Evelyn Doyle, HR Director for the company across the EMEA region on ‘Creating a Culture of Employee Activism.’

Prithwiraj Choudhury from the Harvard Business School will speak on ‘Our Work from Anywhere Future’ while other speakers on the main platform include Robert Cabana, Director of the Kennedy Space Centre for NASA, Michelle Fogarty of Peptalk and Patty McCord, the former CTO of Netflix.

We will also be delivering a number of pieces on leadership through sport at a special after-party for some of Ireland’s leading CEO’s.

This is a great example of an Irish event which is now right up there as one of the leading global events looking at talent, people and how we can all raise our game during this time of great change.

If you can free up the time to attend it will be well worth your while. If you can’t then it is worth taking a look at your diary and seeing what you can shift.



Sport for Business Partners