The Sporting Year Ahead event took place on Thursday morning in front of a virtual audience of over 200 members of the Sport for Business community.

Over the course of the coming days, we will release recordings of the conversations that took place with some of the leading figures in Irish sport and business.

These include Peter Sherrard, CEO of the Olympic Federation of Ireland, Chris Bird, CEO of Sports Travel International, and Jonathan Hill, CEO of the FAI.

This morning’s interview is with Martin Murphy, CEO of the Aviva Stadium and we talk about the impact of a year without fans and the prospects of their return during 2021.

“We need to start turning the tap on in terms of getting revenues flowing again. But that is a financial consideration,” says Murphy

“The bigger consideration is health safety and ensuring that we can run these events safely when it is time to do so. We will be dictated to and guided by the Government and we will do everything we can to try and assist with the advice and information that we have available to us, and they plug that into NPHET and Government circles so they have a fuller and complete picture of what sport can do.”

“Providing we have engaged with NPHET and the relevant authorities to make sure they are happy with our plans, it [re-opening] could be done in two weeks in my view. It would be a challenge getting ticketing out but that is a logistical challenge that can be overcome.”

“So, it can be done very quickly. Everyone is pulling in the right direction and we’re all aware of the issues the other has. There is nobody trying to push this through blindly without cognisance of what the big issues are.”

“The intention is when things improve, we’ll be able to activate very quickly to get people in in a safe manner and we’ve taken advice and looked at what’s around the world and we’re confident that we can run matches safely provided the external environment is right.”

Join us again for the conversations with our other guest speakers, a look at the world of sponsorship in 2021 and at the trends in terms of sport and exercise revealed by our friends and partners Teneo.

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