It has been a time like none we have ever seen with sport across Ireland and around the world taken out of our lives in the struggle to contain a virus that has and will continue to impact on the fundamental way in which we live our lives.

And yet sport endures. At club level all the way across the spectrum to the very highest of elite action, it defines how many of us see each other and partake of our society.

Sport is now beginning to take the first tentative steps back towards the vital part it plays in our lives.

Today we are pleased to announce a special collaboration which will enable a club, charity, mass-participation event, business or governing body in sport to do so in style with a complete rebrand of how they look and portray themselves.

Working alongside our friends at Atomic Sport and Eamonn Hall Graphic Design one organisation that is part of the Sport for Business Membership either directly or through association with a sponsor or National Governing Body that is a member, will win the creation of an updated logo, brand design, corporate identity assets and brand guidelines document*.

If you are interested in winning this great prize, valued at between €15,000 and €20,000, please e-mail with the following details to be considered for selection:

— Organisation Name
— Website
— Twitter Profile
— Instagram Profile
— Project Owner Name
— Project Owner E-mail
— Links to brands that you admire (web, social, sporting, consumer etc.)
— A note on why a rebrand would be important to your business.

The final date for submissions is 5 pm on Friday, June 12th, 2020.

A deserving competition winner will be chosen by a panel of professionals with experience in the business and marketing of sport.

Patrick Murphy – Director @ Atomic Sport
Rob Hartnett – CEO @ Sport for Business
Eamonn Hall – Principal @ Eamonn Hall Graphic Design
Orla Strumble – Head of Marketing @ Irish Greyhound Board
Anne McCarthy – Marketing Brand Manager @ Sport Ireland

The winner will be selected by the panel with a view to choosing a project which is both deserving of the rebrand and who we believe we can add the most value to based on our experience and expertise.

“We have seen the impact that a new brand identity has had on numerous sports organisations, from stimulating demand to growing social following, to engaging an internal audience,” said Patrick Murphy.

“If you are thinking about applying for this offer, I would ask that you consider the objective of your organisation in entering into a rebrand process, so that we can apply strategic thinking to delivering the right identity for you, your colleagues and your audience.”

“We are excited about helping a deserving organisation move their brand forward as we all look forward to the return of sport to our daily lives.”

“Atomic Sport has been involved in the rebranding of Sport Ireland, Leinster Rugby, Swim Ireland, Horse Racing Ireland, The Olympic Federation of Ireland and so many more of the brands that are a familiar and welcome part of the sporting landscape,” added Rob Hartnett.

“It is a privilege to bring this opportunity to those organisations that are members of the Sport for Business community, that have worked hard to maintain the position of their organisation in the lives of so many and who can do so again with a new strength of purpose through this valuable work that can be done on their behalf.”

*The prize covers all agency fees, but excludes any third party costs incurred in the project, specifically the cost of design licences, photography, printing and production that may be required in the provision of a new brand.

This initiative is brought to you by Atomic Sport, Sport for Business and Eamonn Hall Graphic Design.



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