Stephen O’Dwyer – TrojanTrack

Stephen O’Dwyer is the founder of TrojanTrack, a  technology company looking to provide a game-changing analysis programme for the equine industry.

The technology they are developing will proactively monitor a horse’s walking pattern, through a smartphone app using just camera data. It will ensure that horses are not being trained or raced through any injury, aggravating the injury further which could be fatal.

The technology uses a Deep Neural Network to track 52 data points on the horse as it moves and converts these to biomechanical data for further analysis. The data collection can be done in the time it takes for a horse to be walked by a smartphone camera.  This speed was not possible up until now, as biomechanical analysis has been done using wearable technologies that are time-consuming to attach to the horses.

It could also be used in sales rings to provide an objective analysis of young horses that are sold for millions of Euros.

He has a degree from UCD in Biomedical Engineering, and it was here that he acquired biomechanical and kinematic knowledge, which became the backbone for TrojanTrack.

He has completed the SportX pre-accelerator, being rewarded the ‘Biggest Impact on Sport’ award from a panel of prestigious judges. He is also completing the Enterprise Ireland New Frontiers Phase 2 programme in TU Dublin Hothouse, where he has been given the direction and advice to reach a seed funding stage. The company will be hiring developers this summer, alongside conducting further user trials, in the hopes of having a globally marketable product in 2023.




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