Guinness’ support for the Women’s Six Nations took physical form on Saturday with an imaginative two page spread in the Irish Independent.

It showed on the first page a fractured block of text with the message that only 6 per cent of media coverage is devoted to Women’s sport. Upon holding the page up to the light it revealed that on the reverse, printed in the reverse was the rest of the message.

This read in full:

Guinness will never settle until the sport is a place where everyone can belong regardless of their gender, race or sexuality. In 2021 we are working closely with some of Ireland’s biggest newspapers and sports broadcasters to increase visibility for the Women’s Six Nations. This year the Championship won’t be played at the same time as the men’s. This presents a massive opportunity to attract new fans who can get behind the women’s teams for the 2021 Championship, which kicks off this weekend. At Guinness, we are so proud to be the first official partner of the Women’s Six Nations, and we are delighted to be providing the players with even more opportunities for recognition across media platforms. This initiative is part of a long term commitment from Guinness to continue to grow inclusivity and accessibility for everyone in sport. Join us in supporting the Women’s Six Nations over the month of April. #NeverSettle.

The idea echoed that used by Lidl as part of a previous campaign with Ladies Football where it too highlighted the paucity of coverage given over to Women’s sport.

As part of the Sport for Business Women in Sport conference in March, Glen Killane of the European Broadcasting Union said that supporting Women’s sport was not only the right thing to do but it was also the smart business decision.

Of the three main Irish newspapers on Saturday the Irish Independent was the only one to carry the double page of advertising, a not inconsiderable financial boost for the paper.

The percentage of its coverage devoted to Women’s sport on the day was 12.5 per cent, including a preview of the Women’s Six Nations tournament. This compared to 10 per cent in the Irish Examiner and only 5 per cent in the Irish Times, which, despite being the paper that devotes most coverage to Rugby, neglected to cover it in its editorial pages.

Of the other media we cover in our analysis of sporting media, The 42 had 15.6 per cent of its online coverage devoted to Women’s sport and RTÉ gave over 17.9 per cent of its online coverage.

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