Basketball Ireland is not “going gentle unto that good night” to get poetic for a moment and is ramping up pressure on allowing a return to competition early in the New Year.

Sporting leaders are calling for its elite-level international and National League sides to be allowed to return to training by mid-January or early February, and targeting a resumption of competitive matches by the end of February or St. Patrick’s Day.

Basketball Ireland is currently working on a return proposal for all levels of the game, which will be submitted to Sport Ireland for assessment. It will subsequently be immediately provided to Government, before Christmas.

Basketball Ireland has also issued updated training guidelines for December and January, passing of the ball is now permitted outdoors, however, the decision to do so will be at each club’s discretion.

“For this plan to become reality it is of utmost importance that our players and clubs continue to be vigilant and put safety first,” said Basketball Ireland CEO Bernard O’Byrne.

“It will also depend on Government listening to our voice and showing some solidarity with the tens of thousands of people who need a return to sport physically, emotionally and for well-being of their mental health.”

“Unfortunately we don’t expect competitive action to occur in December or January, so as a result are now targeting a re-start date of mid-February at the very earliest,” added Chair Paul McDevitt.

“We remain resolute in our desire to get our players back on the court and are working hard to make that happen. We shall continue to lobby our cause to Government, as we fight our corner for our clubs, players, officials, volunteers and fans.”


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