The new NFL season gets underway this day next week and if you are a fan of Sunday Night Red Zones and Super Bowl extravagance, then we have just the thing for you.

Sport for Business is once again proud to support the Annual No Huddle Pool which brings the game to life for a host of members and friends with an interest in the sport.

Each year for the past 32 years, a group of friends and colleagues with an interest in the NFL have been pitting our wits against each other in a forecast competition based on selecting the results of each week’s NFL schedule.

It is great fun for those who like to follow the action from the NFL and makes the Red Zone on Sky Sports on Sunday night one of the sporting highlights of the Autumn and winter schedule.

There are cash prizes for the top three each week, merchandise for monthly winners, bragging rights and a small memento trophy if you win above all else, it’s a great way to enjoy the season if you are a Chief or a Raider, a Patriot or a Panther, a Saint or a Packer.

There is an entry fee of €25 to cover the whole season.  We’ll email details of how to make that payment once you are registered on the site.

The season kicks off on Thursday, September 10th.

It really is great fun for fans and we’d love to have you join us, you can enter your details here.

New Players: Enter the Sport for Business No Huddle Pool here

Players from Previous Years: Do NOT join again. Just log in to your account from last year.

See you in the huddle.

And if you are a Premier League fan why not join our Fantasy Premier League competition…