The Ireland Esports Collegiate Series, powered by Nativz, has unveiled its lineup for the 2023/24 academic year, featuring an expanded selection of games, advanced production quality, and unparalleled accessibility for students across the island of Ireland.

The Series welcomes the return of team titles League of Legends, Valorant, Counter-Strike, and Rocket League. For individual players, Formula 1 will now run parallel to team-based games during the Winter Semester.

In order to broaden the Series’ appeal, EA Sports FC will be introduced in the Spring Semester with a special one-day tournament in November.

Participants will find registration more accessible than ever before thanks to a new and user-friendly website. The website also features a new directory of each College and University that is represented, increasing the ease for new players to connect with peers from their institution.

Each semester will culminate in an in-person Finals event, offering an enhanced live stream production experience. Locations for these events will be revealed closer to the semester’s end.

The Collegiate Challenge will see the top two Universities/Colleges compete for supremacy across all titles. Points will be earned towards a collective score, with further details on the event to be released post-Christmas.

Nativz Gaming has teamed up with Official Kit Partner Oxen to offer performance shirts, t-shirts and hoodies for players and supporters.

Ryan Fleming is joining the team, as the new Production Lead. He will work alongside Operations Lead Ronan Monaghan, Technical Lead Yannick Gloster and Sammy Davies, our Social and Content Manager.

“We’ve strived for improvements at every level, centering on enhancing experiences for our participants,” stated Monaghan.

“Ryan’s inclusion elevates our production quality—a crucial step in increasing engagement. The journey ahead looks promising.”

“I’m ecstatic as we gear up for our second season. Last year imparted invaluable lessons,” said Kurt Pittman, Nativz Founder and CEO of Nativz Gaming.

“Our vision now broadens to engage the wider student and educational communities. This series remains instrumental in nurturing Ireland’s grassroots esports culture and we’re proud to be leading the way.”