This week we released the headline figures from the Onside Covid-19 Sports Impact Monitor. The data was driven by the participation of over 100 sporting and business organisations that are members of the Sport for Business community.

The findings paint a vivid picture of where we are as an industry as we move from the first wave conducted only weeks into lockdown to this second wave as we emerge blinking back into a world of sporting activity and competition.

The data is divided into five key areas and each day over the next week we will highlight some of the figures that emerged from each of those.

Concerns and Challenges; Coping and Optimism; Sponsorship and Activation; Behind Closed Doors and Opportunities and Positives.

The largest single shift between the two waves of research has come in concerns over maintaining relationships with partners and clients.

The number has risen from 38 per cent to 59 per cent which is a reflection of the seriousness of the impact in the short term at least on the overall economy.

Budget constraints remain the biggest single concern and that is what has prompted the downstream concerns and the ways in which they have shifted.

The number of those organisations for whom this is a concern has nudged up from 78 per cent to 82 per cent and the impact can be seen along the line as well.

The review of existing sponsorship contracts has edged up from a concern of 38 per cent to one of 46 per cent and the areas of new sponsorship and activation of existing, while still front of mind have both dipped in terms of the challenges that we are facing.

The makeup of the contributing audience is split across sporting organisations, major sponsors, media, agencies and others.

All of those who took part are in the relationship business and so the concern over maintaining partnerships is one that can be addressed through real and honest communication.

The qualitative element of the survey reveals that there is an alignment of understanding around what all parties are going through in terms of the financial impact but also the softer elements of wanting to work closely together.

“There is pressure from the top in business around finding greater clarity on what is in the contract and what value has been lost from sponsorship contracts,” said John Trainor, CEO of Onside.

“The rise in terms of those who are concerned about maintaining partnerships is significant.”

Those who contributed to the Sports Impact Monitor gain full access to all the data, including what challenges our Members see as being on the horizon.  We will be doing a third wave of research and if you would like to be part of that, and gain more insight on how to manage your place in the business of sport, contact Rob Hartnett today.

Listen back to Rob Hartnett on yesterday’s Today with Sarah McInerney on RTÉ Radio One.

Watch back over our interview with John Trainor looking in detail at the headline figures.


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