Conor Smyth is the founder of TritonLake, a financial investment company based in New York but very much of Ireland.

Earlier this year they became the main commercial partner of the Irish international Rugby Sevens programme.

Conor joined us to explain what the business is, how sport helps achieve its objectives, where the company name came from and more.

You can watch back or listen back to the interview above. Here are some of the things we discussed.

“It’s a person to person business. We have invested heavily in technology but as an enabler. We are technology-led but then the relationship and the service side around it that makes the business.”

“Being able to get to the ideas that should be of interest is valuable to our network of investors. We only get slivers of their attention and the more we can maximise the slivers of that attention by adding value the better it is for them and for us.”

“Sport comes into that securing of attention. Sevens is fourteen minutes of high-intensity sport and no room for mistakes or no place to hide. The nature of sevens is that it grabs the attention because it is so short and intense.”

“It struck me that the audience who came to Sevens was made up of the investment bankers, the private bankers and a community that we were in the business of reaching out to.”

“The Irish teams will travel to Dubai, Singapore, London, the United States and other markets that are very relevant to us.”

“The reboot of the Sevens programme started at the same time as we were founded. The hard work was put in early and then there was a landmark moment for us both.”

“I played rugby here, in Greystones and Old Belvedere, and played tag Rugby for a number of years. I was a back so I always loved the fast pace of Sevens. It would have been hard to get my head around supporting a team other than Ireland.”

“There is a lot of respect for Ireland and a lot of people that identify with being Irish and will go out of their way to help.”

Where did the TritonLake name come from at 12:01

What activations are going to bring the partnership to life, and tell us about the new podcast? at 13:29, including which leading figure in Irish Rugby is going to be next in front of the microphone.


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This is a partnership which works incredibly well in a niche space such at that in which Triton Lake operates. This is the world of Ultra High Net Worth investment and Rugby’s Sevens World Series hits the mark in terms of audience and engagement.



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