It has been a busy period for hiring within the Sport for Business community with multiple roles currently being sought across the spectrum of sponsorship with rights holders and brands.

One that stands out is a newly created full-time role as a Football Social responsibility Manager with Bohemian FC.

We spoke to COO Dan Lambert at our Sport for Social Good Event with Allianz earlier this year and the work the club is doing across many different areas of advocacy is of a real gold standard.

Building the capacity to do more can be a real winner and the job looks like one that can have plenty of scope to make a real difference.

This will be a unique role in Irish football.

In recent times the club has appointed a voluntary Access Officer, James Flanagan, and a voluntary Climate Justice Officer, Seán McCabe.

“There are many other core pillars where we wish to develop further projects, with the aim of getting behind UEFA’s FSR Strategy – in our own way,” said Lambert.

“We recognise issues in our own community and are looking for a suitable candidate to manage multiple projects across several pillars.”

“Initially, there will be a level of programme delivery involved in this role, but the intention is to develop the position as an oversight, strategy and project management role.”

You can have a look at the role on our Sport for Business Jobs in Sport page here.

You’ll need to be quick though as the deadline for applications is 6 pm this Saturday, June 18th.



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