Croke Park opened up the GAA Stadium earlier this week and it has also now declared that it is open for the business of meetings and events.

The range of protocols and plans that have been gone into in minute detail make it as safe a location as you are likely to find in Dublin and the added benefit of having the space to provide for full physical distancing also gives it a major advantage over many hotel spaces with whom it would otherwise be in competition.

In partnership with Avcom the Stadium has created a virtual studio set up which will also enable a plug and play approach to live and virtual hybrid events that are likely to form an ever greater part of the events experience.

In the coming weeks we hope to announce details of a Sport for Business event that will mark our return to the live space, and we will also be chatting to Mark Dorman from Croke Park around what they have had to do to make sure they are game ready for the new working environment.

It has been sixteen weeks between events. The time has given an opportunity to reimagine what way the carious spaces can work to create a safe but yet effective location for the meetings and gatherings that will help to fuel our economic recovery.

Here is a glimpse into what it will be like when next we gather, if not quite yet for a game then at least to remember what it was like and envisage what it will be again.