Cycling Ireland and the Irish Cycling team have renewed their partnership with Spin 11 as the Official Technical Clothing Sponsor to the sport.

The partnership has been in place since 2013 and it is great to see an Irish owned brand being supported.

Spin11 is committed to developing and delivering the world’s most technologically advanced clothing for Irish cyclists. As fabric technology develops and the knowledge and understanding of aerodynamics improves, refining the speed suits and technical clothing which will be worn by Irish cyclists at future World and European Championships is an ever more important part of their preparation.

Cycling Ireland itself has partnerships with the Eindhoven University of Technology, NUI Galway, Ansys, KU Leuven. The learnings gained from these will be used in advancing Ireland’s standing in the world of performance cycling.

“The margins in elite and professional cycling have never been finer which means finding a trusted partner who shares our commitment to innovation is more important than ever,” said Cycling Ireland CEO Matt McKerrow.

“The technical clothing and equipment used by Irish athletes can make all the difference. We look forward to working with Spin11, an Irish owned company with a vested interest in ensuring our athletes have access to the world’s fastest and most comfortable cycling clothing.”

“We are delighted to continue our partnership with Cycling Ireland and are committed to working together to ensure that riders representing Ireland have access to the highest quality technical cycling garments,” added Spin11 owner Maria Connaughton.

“It is no coincidence that our clothing has been part of the most successful period in Irish cycling, and we are proud to have empowered riders to win medals on the roads, in the velodromes and on the mountains.”

“We are excited to start the next phase of our speed-wear development and we will continue to endeavour that Irish club and leisure riders can enjoy the same experience as the professionals.”


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