Eric Cantona has lent his name to a new programme of sporting journeys to see some of the most passionate games of football around the world.

“Our idea was to create the most passionate football trips on Earth, with charisma and soul,” he said of his new partnership with travel start-up Dharma. “Everything today is optimised for price – we wanted to optimise for passion.”

The nine clubs and destinations to be featured in the first season will include Manchester United FC and Liverpool FC in the UK, as well as Boca Juniors, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Paris St Germain and Raja in Casablanca.

The partnership has hit headlines with Cantona talking about how he would be boycotting the 2022 World Cup Finals in Qatar. Not sure how that will go down politically in Abu Dhabi where his new partners are based but we know the name now…
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SoftCo’s original involvement came about as a result of a pitchside conversation. It has grown into one of the most effective partnerships in Irish sport and this is great to see equality now in terms of the amount of support that will go to the Men’s team. It is a reversal of what will inevitably be the case over coming years elsewhere as Women’s sport continues its march towards an equal commercial appeal and fanbase.


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