Sport for Business has partnered with Zevo Health to offer the Sport for Business network an opportunity to bond together and compete with each other as part of ‘The Fittest Workplace’ that will take place over two weeks in February 2022.

Who can tell whether we will be back consistently in person by then but we know the importance of maintaining the ethos of a team and this promises to be a winner for those who take part?

The Sport for Business Challenge will be part of the overall Fittest Workplace 2022 event and will determine which among you is the fittest member organisation.

There is still time to join but the clock is ticking.

The basis of The Fittest Workplace is as simple as counting your steps but is backed by the latest technology and supported by the state of the art wellness programme offered by Zevo Health.


The organisational benefits range from enhanced collaboration, team cohesion, enjoyment and meaningful metrics while for the individual the wins come from better sleep quality and improved cognitive function to better mood, higher energy levels and more.

The challenge is open to all organisations and each team will comprise up to 20 individuals. Some organisations may wish to pitch different internal teams against each other and that’s possible too with the overall winner determined by the Organisation’s best performing group.

Each team earns points based on the number of steps taken each day over a two week period, averaged out over the number of members in the team.

All the activity is tracked through the Zevo Health Wellness App and everyone taking part will be able to see how the team is performing against rival organisations in real-time.

Every participant will also have free access to the Zevo Health app for the duration of the challenge as well as the week before and the week after.

This includes masterclass content, recipes, meditations and hints on how to improve your personal sense of wellbeing.


Sport for Business will be tracking and even walking with our Members who take part, creating inspiring content and painting a picture of your organisation being one that anyone would want to be part of.

Friendly competition is always a good thing and this could put a pep in your teams step in the New Year.

Register here to join us for the session on Friday morning.




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