It will be one of the sponsorship advertisements of the year and Lidl have now released a behind the scenes video on the creation of the ‘Level the Playing Field ad that has debuted this week.

Shot on location in Glendalough, County Wicklow at the beginning of 2020, the ad is an evocative reminder of just how great it is to be playing and watching live sport.

You can tell that it was cold then as it is now by the silver blankets that the players are wrapped in when not filming and this is a great insight into how the team behind the campaign went about securing the shots.

Wicklow is the go-to place for filming GAA scenes as Laragh GAA Club in the county featured in the Skoda ad currently airing.

This pitch is not one that would be hosting too many championship matches now in all honesty but the creativity of setting up to back up the point of a level playing field was inspired, and the impact for both brand, sport and women’s sport in a wider context will be significant.




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