In recent times, the residents of Canon Mooney Gardens in Ringsend, Dublin, have been inspiring their community and country with their weekly activities to lift spirits in the flat complex, including Bingo, social distance dancing, movie nights and more.

Now, their efforts have caught the attention of a famous face, former Liverpool legend and Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher, who has recorded a special video message for the Ringsend community and in particular, calling out Liverpool Superfan and Canon Mooney Gardens resident, Seán McCabe.

Eleven-year-old Sean, who has a rare condition, is Liverpool superstar Mo Salah’s biggest fan and is always the life and soul of the weekly activities, regularly belting out his favourite Liverpool anthem; You’ll Never Walk Alone. Sean’s condition means he has difficulty walking but that didn’t stop him raising over €1000 for charity by walking 50 laps of the flat complex.

It was a welcome surprise for Seán and the flat residents who were shown the message ahead of their weekly movie night organised by local resident Michael Larkin. Michael also arranged a soccer-themed singalong; a rousing rendition of Liverpool anthem You’ll Never Walk Alone, ahead of the movie night to make sure Seán and his Dad would be out front and centre to see Jamie Carragher’s video message revealed.

“There are loads of Liverpool fans in Canon Mooney Gardens and young Seán McCabe is probably the biggest one of them all, so to get that message from Carragher was just unbelievable, totally surreal,” said Larkin.

“We do our best here to keep up the spirits in the community and we’re thrilled that we’ll all be able to watch the Liverpool Everton game together in the flats on Sunday.”

“All throughout the lockdown, the residents of Canon Mooney Gardens have been running weekly events in their community, epitomising what it means to stay together whilst having to stay apart, and inspiring others along the way, so this is just a small way for us to show our appreciation,” added Michael Forry, Head of Now TV.

Nice touch.