We have dived into the archive from a year ago for today’s Daily Video. 48 and 72 hours out from another Double All-Ireland attempt the men and women of Dublin football will take to the field at Croke Park this Saturday and Sunday looking to repeat what they did a year ago and win two Championships on successive days.

This year, for the first time the size of the crowd in the ground for the two finals will be equal. Sadly not in the way it was going with 82,230 fans of Dublin, Mayo, Galway, Cork and sport, but only a few hundred made up of players, management, officials, media and stadium staff.

The families watching through their TV screens on RTÉ, TG4 and Sky Sports will want nothing more than to be there to see them but that will be for another year for those lucky enough to make it back.

They will know though that regardless of whether they tie their hair up they will have put in the same level of training, energy, hope and fear into being part of the team, part of the panel, part of the biggest weekend in the sport.

Their effort has been equal. Which is exactly the message captured by AIG in this campaign video from twelve months ago.

It’s up to us to catch up to that and recognise it.

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