Scotland are in action today for the first time at a major tournament since 1996. The country will doubtless grind to a halt for the afternoon as we remember in the good old days ourselves.

One group for whom regular life will carry on though is the politicians and officials of the Scottish Assembly who have a scheduled gathering with their colleagues at Westminster.

A request for the meeting to be rescheduled once the timetable was made known was turned down, as was a repeat request in recent weeks.

No doubt that will help produce a happy and positive environment for the talks…


The only thing missing as Italy and Turkey lined out for the opening match on Friday night was the ball, but with good reason.

As the cameras panned back to the sideline we saw the fourth official place the ball into the sunroof of a miniature remote-controlled Volkswagen.

It then sped off towards the centre circle, at a somewhat alarming speed if you were an unsuspecting player that happened to take a step in the wrong direction, before delivering the ball safely to the ref.

A quick three-point turn and it was gone, with social media delighting in the novelty, as were no doubt the marketing team at VW who are the official mobility partner of the tournament.

What is rare is precious though and it has not been seen since. Hopefully, it is not in for repairs after its debut and we have no doubt it will be making a reappearance for the Final at least.


There are over 3.25 million fans playing in the official Euro 2020 Fantasy Football competition but less than one per cent of them are from the Republic of Ireland.

Then again with our population of less than 5 million an even smaller proportion of the overall 798 million population of Europe, we are at least not wildly out of line, and maybe even slightly ahead of the curve in terms of our adoption of the competition.


We have written elsewhere this morning about the hope of a potential positive to emerge from the near-tragedy of the Christian Eriksen incident on Saturday.


Today’s action from EURO2020 on RTÉ Sport

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Poland Vs Slovakia – Monday 14 June at 4.30 pm on RTÉ2

Peter Collins is joined by Damien Duff and Kevin Doyle for live coverage of Poland v Slovakia from Saint Petersburg in Group E. Commentary from Adrian Eames. Kick-off 5.00 pm.

UEFA EURO 2020 – Monday 14 June at 7.30 pm on RTÉ2

Darragh Maloney is joined by Didi Hamann and Liam Brady for live coverage of Spain v Sweden from Seville in Group E. Commentary from Des Curran and Ray Houghton. Kick-off 8.00 pm.

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Highlights of all the day’s Euro 2020 action.


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