We will be going from hosting our launch of the Game Changer Network for Women in Sport on Thursday morning to discussing the future of fundraising as part of an important 2Into3 webinar later in the afternoon.

How should sporting organisations approach fundraising in the months ahead?

Over a short number of weeks and months, we have seen significant changes in the sector. These changes have impacted the fundraising approach of sport organisations.

The announcement of the €70m government support package for sport is very welcome and needed.

It will though only cover some of the losses and the area of fundraising is one that needs urgent attention for the longer term.

Fundraising is largely untapped by sporting organisations. The latest evidence suggests that sport reports only 2%-3% of the total fundraised income in Ireland which was €1.1b in 2017.

Thursday’s session will look at when it comes to donor priorities, where do sporting organisations rank in a post-lockdown Ireland? What choices will have to be made to survive and thrive in the future?

As we progress into 2020 and a new decade, is now the time for sport to look at alternative sources of funding in order to balance risk?

The webinar will debate this and will start by looking at the current fundraising landscape in Ireland. We will look to international peers to see the pros and cons of the different approaches to sport fundraising and where opportunities may lie for National Governing Bodies, regional bodies and clubs.

Rob Hartnett from Sport for Business will be joined by host darren McMahon of 2 Into3, James O’Callaghan from Irish Sailing and Tim Floyd, secretary of the Tipperary GAA County Board for the session kicking off at 3 pm.

Register here to join us for an important discussion.